Land Owned by PRO

PRO owns six properties in Warren County. The Riverview Arts Center building and the Parking Lot located two properties up from the building are used as the headquarters for PRO and for the numerous Programs PRO sponsors. The other four properties were purchased solely by PRO or as part of a preservation efforts with other owners and government agencies.

Details Parking Lot River View Arts Ctr. Island in the Delaware Ragged Ridge
(Scotts Mountain & Swamp Rd.)
Lopatcong Creek Overlook Pohatcong Grasslands
Town, State Phillipsburg, NJ Phillipsburg, NJ Lopatcong, NJ Harmony, NJ Harmony, NJ Pohatcong, NJ
Block and Lot B917, L8 B917, L4 B3, L1 B11, L52 & L60 B28, L9, L9.04, & L9.05 B96, L7
Acres .145 .87 2.93 16 (11.2 + 4.86) 30 (7.36 + 14.82
+ 7.77)
Date of purchase 1/20/92 1/20/92 12/28/92 9/25/98 6/1/04 6/11/98
% of
ownership by PRO
100% 100% 100% 100% 50% 56%
Other owners n/a n/a n/a n/a Warren County State of NJ