Hydraulic “Fracking” Issue

Hydraulic "Fracking" Issue

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Press Release -- Three Municipalities Pass Resolutions

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Recent Articles About the Dangers of "Fracking"

AP File Photo In this April 23, 2010 file photo, workers move a section of well casing into place at a Chesapeake Energy natural gas well site near Burlington, Pa., in Bradford County.

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‘Fracking’ remains dangerous practice

The Express-Times, the Sierra Club and others deserve credit for focusing attention on the dangerous practice of extracting underground natural gas by high-pressure introduction of water and chemicals, known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” Using natural gas extracted from the ground may make sense if done safely. The practice, however, is dangerous. Documented proof shows many chemicals used during hydraulic fracturing have adverse health and environmental impacts. It doesn’t make sense allowing oil and gas companies to chase profit while exposing us to risks from known carcinogens during well development and gas extraction.

The oil and gas industry is one of the only industries allowed to inject dangerous chemicals in and around underground drinking water supplies and pump methane into the air without federal oversight; and is not required to publicly disclose dangerous chemical formulas used in their process.

Congratulations to Holland, Byrum and Bethlehem townships in New Jersey for passing resolutions to prevent “fracking.” Each municipality in the Delaware River Watershed should take action, pass similar resolutions and create a moratorium until more is learned after the federal government completes a study in 2012. Contact the Sierra Club or the Phillipsburg Riverview Organization for a copy of a draft resolution.

Citizens can call and urge local officials to pass a resolution to prevent “fracking” until more is learned. I think the big companies can wait until the federal study is complete in 2012 before earning their millions. We should not wait any longer, however, to protect our children and natural resources.

Vice Chairman
Phillipsburg Riverview Organization

Recent Articles About the Dangers of "Fracking"

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(Editor’s note: First of two parts.)

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Editor’s note: Second in a two-part series.

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Published: Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 8:41 AM
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