About Us

The Phillipsburg Riverview Organization was established in 1989 in Phillipsburg, the largest city in Warren County, New Jersey, situated across the Delaware River from Easton, Pennsylvania. PRO originally focused on the preservation and restoration of the landmark architecture of Phillipsburg’s many historic buildings, aiming to restore vitality to the town and its surrounding areas.

In time, it became apparent that the suburban sprawl growing around Phillipsburg was as much a threat to the town as the neglect of the downtown. Therefore, the organization widened its mission to protecting the interrelated system of farms, open lands, wooded slopes, villages and larger towns that form Phillipsburg’s environment. We oppose unwise development in the Highlands, work to protect unspoiled steams, and preserve open space as part of our efforts to create a thriving riverfront town in Phillipsburg that is surrounded by areas that have been shaped by environmentally-sound planning.

In Phillipsburg, we continue our efforts to revitalize the architecturally-significant downtown, and we operate the Riverview Arts Center, serving both the downtown and surrounding communities. In Phillipsburg’s environs, PRO has become a driving force in fighting for environmentally responsible growth. Today, sub-committees formed by PRO are each focused on specific areas of nearby Warren and Hunterdon counties, working to persuade townships to adopt laws that do a better job of protecting the environment, leading efforts to preserve valuable properties in the Highlands and the Pohatcong Grasslands, and organizing grass-roots opposition to suburban subdivisions proposed for environmentally-sensitive areas.