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PRO is a volunteer, environmentally-based nonprofit organization whose agenda is preserving the character of Warren and Hunterdon Counties. We do this by retaining interest and vitality in its hamlets, small towns and cities through revitalization, by discouraging inappropriate land use of our open spaces, and by protecting our natural resources, preferably through preservation.

State Authorities End Dispute, Determine We Are Still the Real PRO!

The Phillipsburg Riverview Organization (PRO) Board Members are very happy to announce the NJ Attorney General's office found the many ridiculous claims about PRO made by Mark Rogers and Joe Little to be false. Rogers and Little made wildly false accusations that PRO controlled and did not account for $261,000 of State Grant money and a State investigation has dismissed those claims.

For nearly two years PRO's Board of Directors, who include Reggie Regrut, Barry Glassman and Mike King, showed the Phillipsburg Police Chief and the Warren County Prosecutor's Office the applicable NJ law that clearly shows Rogers and Little were acting illegally when calling themselves officers of PRO and when they solicited money from citizens in the name of PRO.

A NJ Superior Court Judge and the Attorney General's office have dismissed all claims made by Rogers and Little. We are the real PRO and we are in good standing with the State of NJ.

View the documents below to see how easily the Chief Investigator was able to tie our Tax ID and Po Box to Reggie Regrut (our Chairman), Mike King (one of the original signers of our incorporation paperwork), and Barry Glassman (Vice Chairman).

1. PRO's Message

2. AG's Letter;

3. PO Box letter;

4. Tax 990 Form;

5. Business Entity Status report

6. Page one of Deed to the RAC

The Board of Directors of PRO,

  • Reggie Regrut, Chairperson
  • Barry Glassman, Vice-Chairperson
  • Michael King, Board Member

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